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Bionic Yantra has embarked on building a software platform for rehab so that session data of patient (during rehabilitation) can be recorded in real-time. BWS and REARS are both IOT devices which will send data to be stored in the cloud. This mechanism ensures a strong data trail for patient authenticity, progress achieved, and protocols prescribed.  

Using this data reports on progress of patients / sessions are generated and sent to hospitals and insurance companies. Lastly, the data collected over time becomes very valuable since AI / ML techniques can be deployed to draw inferences / patterns to evaluate therapy protocol efficacy and predict patient recovery. 

Research in a cutting-edge area like AI/ML will be boosted by an association with a world-class institution.  

Bionic Yantra Proudly announces its 3-year MoU with IIITB to jointly conduct research in the area of healthcare and medical devices using Machine Learning, AI and other advanced techniques. Bionic Yantra will be the first industry partner to undertake such a collaboration under the MINRO (Machine Intelligence and Robotics) initiative, funded by the Govt of Karnataka to promote breakthrough innovation. 


The MoU was signed in the presence of Prof Sadagopan (Director IIITB) and Dr C S Kedar ex-IAS. 

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