Bionic Yantra makes PRODUCTS for the SPECIALLY-ABLED and LESS-ABLED. 

Bionic Yantra addresses Locomotor Disability (Inability to walk). 10 Million people in India alone and many millions across the globe cannot walk owing to injuries / diseases such as Spinal Cord Injury and Stroke. Standing and walking provides many benefits such as better health, psychological boost and freedom to caregiver.

Our offer is a Wearable Robotic Exoskeleton (WRE) that is affordable and enables people to walk.

The Exoskeleton is a battery powered “wearable suit” intelligently controlled by combination of motors, drives & mechanisms which are programmed to provide calibrated, on-demand assistance & resistance for limb movement as required for rehabilitation and locomotion. There are 2 variants of this product - Rehabilitation System & Personal Mobility Device

Rehabilitation System


Soon after a surgery / operation, the patient spends time in rehabilitation at a hospital. Rehabilitation in this context is the process of making the patient stand and walk a few metres in controlled conditions and medical supervision. The Robotic Exoskeleton Assisted Rehabilitation Systems (REARS) accelerates the rehabilitation considerably (reduction to 1/3rd the time) and enables standard therapeutic procedures across regions and hospitals. Further the safety harness component eliminates chances of fall.     

Currently the product addresses SCI and Stroke patients and in future could be extended to other conditions.

Personal Mobility Device


Once the patient leaves the hospital environment, the patient (paraplegic / hemiplegic) needs a device to enable him / her to move about within home and perform Activities of Daily Living independently.  It is intended for usage by eligible patients other other paraplegics / hemiplegics, post approval by medical staff. 

This device is currently under design - the specifications include ability for the patient to  wear and take off the device WITHOUT assistance, is easy to use and can be used on uneven surfaces. This will “liberate” the caregiver from 100% attention to the patient – thus making 2 people productive (patient and caregiver).   


Bionic Yantra™ is India’s first medical robotics company. Incorporated in Jan 2017, Bionic Yantra has embarked into this exciting field with a view to utilizing cutting-edge technology to solve real human problems. Simulation led design techniques were used to catch up with the pioneers in exoskeletons and utilizing local labour advantages in creating making the product affordable.  


This is a Made-In-India product intended to cater to the needs of the disabled in India and of course other countries. Exoskeletons can be used to stand, walk and assist in performing activities of daily living and would be useful not only for civilians but also veterans injured in the course of doing their duty.

They can be used in a variety of medical applications including assisting healthy senior citizens, enabling specialized training for athletes and activities (games) for kids. 


Bionic Yantra’s Rehabilitation System will also automate measurement of patient progress and documentation thus enabling high objectivity and transparency in rehabilitation of patients in hospitals/medical centres. In addition, advanced approaches such as IoT and ML are envisaged to further enrich value to patients and hospitals.

Bionic Yantra is based in Bangalore, India and is a start-up registered with DIPP, Govt of India.

REARS was unveiled at the Bengaluru Tech Summit by Hon’ble Dy CM of Karnataka on 18th Nov 2019.
The IIIT-B stall hosting Bionic Yantra was adjudged the best stall of the event.
The product was launched formally in the presence of Prof Sadagopan, Director IIIT-B.


Dr. C S Kedar


Praveen Srivatsa


Vaidy Narayanan

Founder & Director

Shiva Nagarajan

Founder & Director




Product Vision and Solution achieved in Mar 2019
Product Vision and Solution conceptualized in Mar 2017


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